Cloud Solutions Tailored to YOUR Business

Unlike other cloud providers, we spend the time to understand your business needs. This allows us to create a solutions that not only works, but works for you.

Cloud Advantages

You never need to buy a server again. You do not have to estimate what resources you may need in 6 months or even 3 years down the line. You pay only for the resources you need, when you need them. You never have to maintain a server again; no more paying for maintenance contracts or onsite support. We handle all of that and more. PFIT provides industry leading security and service. We are HIPAA and PCI compliant. PFIT also provides BAAs for all of our health care clients.

The PFIT Difference

PFIT owns and operates our own data centers. This allows us to directly handle any issue you may encounter. Other IT companies lease space at third party data centers; depending on others to maintain and secure your critical information and infrastructure. If something goes wrong, these companies have no idea what went wrong or how long it will take to fix. This middle man approach to service leads to break downs in communication at critical times and ultimately unhappy customers.

Your Team

A tailored solution starts with a great team. Have you ever called your internet provider with an issue? You spend 10 minutes on hold, then you have to prove who you are to 3 different people, and then just maybe they can fix your problem. Have you ever needed to call them back about the same thing? You have to start all over. At PFIT, you work with the same team starting with setup and migration through continued support and hosting. The people you talk to day 1, will be the same people you will talk to day 201. Getting to know your staff and your business is top priority at PFIT.

About PFIT Inc.


PFIT was founded in 2007 and is a privately held IT company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With a second mid-west office in Peoria, Illinois. PFIT serves SME customers in over a dozen states as well as International customers in Japan, France and Ireland. PFIT specializes in Windows Cloud Servers and Custom Development Services.


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