Real Life Solutions

Rather than list a series of fancy acronyms or talk about how amazing we are. We are going to show you some real life examples from our clients.

Client: Breidenbach Associates
Scenario: We started working with Scott and team when his onsite server died. He had IT services with one our competitors. Scott was faced with a $10,000 recovery cost from his IT provider. On top of that, there wanted to move his server into the cloud which makes sense, however they wanted over $1000 a month to do this.
Solution: We went onsite and was able to recover his server. For the technophiles out there, it ended up being a corrupted raid configuration. His server was getting old (4 years at that point), so Breidenbach Associates opted to go with a PFIT cloud for under $500 a month.
Scott F. Breidenbach Esq.

“PFIT, Inc., saved my law practice from a crippling technical standstill. Faced with essentially a complete IT system failure, these ‘techno-wizards’ descended upon the problem with energy, and a natural perceptiveness that enabled them to quickly save my firm.”

Client Healpros (Top 100 fastest growing private companies according to Inc. 5000 – 2018)
Scenario: We have worked with Healpros almost from the beginning. Our CEO jokes he was employee number 4. The client had large scale infrastructure and development needs.
Solution: PFIT put together a team tailored to Healpros needs. This included IT support, Cloud Servers, and a complete development team.
Michael Yom, Chief Product Officer and founder

“Access to the development team is crucial when your build strategy must be nimble. PFIT Health grasps this need and creates a collaborative climate necessary for a flexible development process.”

Client: The McGee Group Insurance and Risk Mgt Services
Scenario: Client had an aging windows 2003 that was cohosted at their IT firm’s office. The server had many issues that were never addressed and this required frequent reboots to remain operation. Their IT company charged them $89 per reboot.
Solution: We picked up their physical server and we determined the server was a lost cause. After years of neglect and Band-Aid fixes, it simply need replaced. We put the client on a nice new 2012 Windows Server that far exceeded their expectation.
Frank McGee

“After talking about our issues with our former provider PFIT was able to provide me with and understandable and effective process for moving forward. The best part is no longer being nickel-and-dimed to death for routine service calls! A++”